Meet Jim Rigoni

Meet James C. Rigoni of RigoniWorks
James C. Rigoni

I grew up, the last of four children; the Caboose, as my mother would say, in your typical mid-western, middle-class, middle-America family.

My family moved quite a bit when I was young and by the time I was twelve we finally settled right where we started, in Northern Wisconsin. Even at that early age, I knew that I didn’t fit into most social groups and felt there had to be more to life than what was on the surface.

Growing up in a small town, my adolescence and early adult life was somewhat uneventful and yet never typical. Underlying it all was a feeling that there had to be “something more”. That feeling, along with a good dose of curiosity, led me to try many different things in my search to satisfy that craving and to find meaning and purpose to my life.

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After high school, I worked manual labor and semi-skilled jobs in my quest… each of them giving perspective, but none providing the answers that I was seeking. I worked at those jobs for six years before attending college and earning a degree in Business/Computer Science. I worked as a computer programming for a brief time. It was in college that I met, dated and married a girl that I had previously, over a number of years, ‘almost-met’ many times. We divorced ten years later; we had no children, but great lessons were learned. I’ve always written notes to myself, not knowing why I did so.

Most of what I have written comes from my own life experiences. I’ve jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and gone SCUBA diving in remote locations. I became a private pilot to get past my fear of heights and started my own business because I didn’t fit well in the corporate world.

I’ve worked as a photographer, ski instructor, crane operator, welder, wood worker and sculptor. I’ve built homes, made furniture, created leaded glass windows ‘a la Frank Lloyd Wright’ to combine form with function, among other things – all in an attempt to satisfy a desire for that “something” missing in my life.

I feel that I have finally found that outlet for my creative energies through writing. I currently split my time between Wisconsin and Florida. I live in a rural area north of Green Bay, WI with my mighty dog Buddy, shooting photos as the mood and light strikes, and Longboat Key, Florida, where I walk the beach gathering shells and ideas while photographing and being inspired by the changing tides.

Every work displayed on this site is the creative product of Jim Rigoni.
My work is in both private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe and China.
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